Saturday, September 4, 2010

Babylonia Japonica Shell


This is an excellent choice for your hermit crabs. They are readily available from most shell retailers compared to the Areolata Babylon shell. It is also chosen more often then the Spirita Babylon.

Coenobita Brevimanus 1.5/5 This shell is capable of being a home for an Indonesian hermit crab but is not readily chosen by them.
Coenobita clypeatus 3/5 This shell is chosen by this species just as often as the other Babylonia shells.
Coenobita compressus 3/5 This shell can be a great choice for your Ecuadorian hermit crab.
Coenobita perlatus 1.5/5 This shell has the potential to be a great hermit crab shell, however it is not even slightly popular for Strawberries.
Coenobita purpureus 3/5 These shells are a superb choice for your smaller blueberries.
Coenobita rugosus 2.5/5 Although ruggies sometimes come in this type of shell it is not overly chosen once in the pet enclosure.
Coenobita variabilis 2.5/5 An okay choice for your Aussie hermit crabs.
Coenobita violascens 3.5/5 This shell is the best choice for your Violas out of the babylonia shells.

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